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  • Size (inches): 8x10
  • Date (approx): Unknown
  • CGC Grade: Not Graded
  • Photographer: Unknown
      • Product Name: JANE POWELL, GEARY STEFFEN Candid
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  • The diagonal watermark "Jay Parrino's The Mint" is displayed to deter image theft and will NOT show on the actual photograph.
  • This listing is for a single vintage photograph to be purchased as a collector’s item. No rights for reproduction or commercial use in any form whatsoever are given or implied.
  • Handwritten names on the back of the photographs are for identification purposes only - they are NOT autographs unless specifically described as such.
  • Please review photo scans carefully, every photograph is sold as is and buying this item constitutes acceptance of all policies, terms and conditions as stated on this website.

About This Photo and Jay Parrino's The Mint

This beautiful vintage collectible photo comes from the vintage photo archive of renowned Culver Pictures Inc in New York which was acquired by Jay Parrino's The Mint. Claimed to be one of the greatest archives ever assembled, the Culver Pictures Archive spanned over 150 years and every imaginable subject. The archive is filled with iconic photographs from famous photographers and photo studios.

Photographic print types range from albumen prints from 1850-1890s, carbon prints from 1870's and later, gum bichromate prints from early 1900's, platinum prints from 1880-1930's, salted paper prints from the mid 1800's and gelatin silver prints from the 1900's. You'll find a large variety of regular and oversized prints, cabinet cards, CDVs, trading cards, stereoviews, real photo postcards, promotional still photos, movie still photos, and production still photos throughout the photo archive. The largest subject sets of Culver Photographs in the JP-TheMint Photo Archive consists of Hollywood Photos, New York Theater Photos, early Sports Photos, and early War and Military Photos.

Whatever your area of interest your sure to find something exciting in the photo archive of Jay Parrino's The Mint!

      • Product Name: JANE POWELL, GEARY STEFFEN Candid